Josh Wright

Rooney sees Red! Surely?

In Football on March 3, 2011 at 1:55 pm

James McCarthy clutches area of his head that collided with Rooney

Manchester United’s 4-0 defeat of Wigan Athletic on typical Premier League Saturday on the whole may have seemed to be an example of a number of regular occurrences, Manchester United’s usual dominance, Wigan’ Athletics inconsistency of performance that has left them in the predicament they are in, the fantastic display of one of the bright sparks of the Premier League this season in Hernandez and Wayne Rooney and the referee losing it.

It had been two weeks since Rooney’s wonder goal which many claim to be the goal of the season, a fantastic over-head, scissor kick, in all honesty it had it all, drilled into the top corner to clinch a decisive derby victory. Rooney received praise from all quarters of the footballing world however within the fortnight this praise turned to damnation, and rightly so. The event itself was unwarranted, unjustified and unnecessary for a United team approaching the ‘business end of the season’ who would surely need their best players. However in the strange circumstances that occurred, Rooney escaped the incident without any punishment both during and after the game.

The incident itself leads to two major issues, both of which are, as in keeping with the match, regular issues; the hypocritical nature of the United staff and innate flaws with the referring system within our game. After the game United Assistant Mike Phelan said in regards to the incident, “”we can’t dispute referee’s decisions” however during this weeks fixture between Chelsea and United, Ferguson stated in regards to the missed foul on Rooney by Luiz,”He does Rooney clear as day, [the referee is] six yards from it, he doesn’t do anything. That changed the game.” It is events such as this by Ferguson that seem to happen on far to regular occurrences, as well as mistakes being made by referees which could easily be accounted for if they receive the support that is both available and clearly necessary. We now look forward to this weeks fixtures, and of course the numerous regular events that cause such debate.


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