Josh Wright


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to studentsportviews. This is just a quick post with the aim of introducing to you the details and aims of this blog.

I am currently a university student in Exeter, UK, who has a keen interest in all things sport related. Whilst I can say I am a keen sportsman, unfortunately my ability doesn’t match my enthusiasm and which has such has led me to become an impassioned fan, critic and now writer. The beauty of sport is that there is so much of it, and as such everybody can be involved in some form or another. From athletics to volleyball and everything in between sport is being played at the highest standard we have seen. Though I cannot claim to be a expert of all such sports I encourage everybody to get involved, as there is no doubt you will find something you enjoy and become passionate about. Personally my sports are football, rugby union, hockey and cricket, sports which I play regularly and watch more regularly. Crucially I am a massive Bristol City FC supporter, and the activities surrounding this esteemed club may pop up once in a while.

The aim of this blog is for students to portray their views on all sports, to post comments on articles posted by myself or by others. The aim is to get students talking about the major issues in sport, not just local sport but all the way to a national scale. Too often student media ignores views on such issues and with major stories occurring almost daily it seems foolish to do such a thing with the talent of writers available to us.

Please post your views, opinions, rants, raves; whatever you feel is appropriate to any given situation in any sporting matter.


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